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  • Please check your local laws prior to ordering. Permits may be required in a few states to possess corn snakes, and other snakes.

  • I will not sell to minors. If you are under the age of 18, please have your parents to contact me to arrange for a purchase and shipping.

  • To place an order, please e-mail: misty@sleepyhollowherps.com. This allows me to determine if the specific snake is still available and any specifics to your order.

* All snakes are feeding on live or pre-killed prey. If you would like them to be feeding on frozen thawed before purchasing them, I will require a small deposit to make it worth my while.



  • All prices are for each snake, unless otherwise noted. Quantity discounts may apply, so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I'm not going to be impossible to work with, so shoot me any reasonable offer and I'll try to work with you.

  • Recommended payment for your order is through Paypal or Money Order. I will never charge a fee for using Paypal, unlike some breeders. It's as much of a convenience for me, as it is for you. I expect payment in full prior to shipping.

To send payment via Paypal:


Paypal Link

Please send money orders to:

Misty Lundberg
PO Box 306
Princeton IN 47670-0306



  • I try to be a "first come - first served" business. I will hold an animal for 1 week, with no deposit required. However, if I receive an offer for that animal in the meantime, I reserve my right to sell the animal to the buyer who has the funds available at the time.

  • All deposits are non-refundable in the event that you should change your mind before the agreed upon shipping date.



Please read all of these..

  • I ship nationwide throughout the continental United States via Fedex Overnight services. All shipments are sent in boxes with 1/2" to 3/4" Styrofoam insulation with heat/cold packs where appropriate. I do not charge extra for heat/cold packs within the box. Some people may do that, but its such a negligible price, I really don't see the point.

  • Shipping charges range from $35-$55. Please provide your zipcode when inquiring so that I can provide you with a more accurate price. I do recommend shipping to be held at a Fedex location for pickup, rather than shipping to a residence. If this service is available, please let me know of the location address to ship to when inquiring.

  • Fedex Ground may be available during temperate climates over short distances, please inquire for further information.

  • I only ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid weekend delivery issues. Most of my own delivery nightmares have occurred close to a weekend, and if delivered incorrectly the animals may sit over the weekend in unknown conditions.

  • I guarantee that the animals will arrive alive, healthy, and properly sexed. Live arrival guarantee is only valid if the shipment is received on the first delivery attempt.

  • All shipments are subject to any possible weather delays. I will watch the weather closely from my area to yours, and if I feel its unsafe for the shipment, I will push it back to a date that I feel is better suited to safe travel of the snakes.

  • No shipments will be made between December 10th and January 10th, to avoid potential shipping problems due to holiday traffic and heavy item loads.

  • Local pickup is available, and I will travel within an hour's distance to meet up with you at an arranged time, date, and location.