Top 3 Reasons Why Not Purchasing Home Insurance Can Drain Your Pockets

Home insurance is never a waste of money. If you are wondering about its value and whether you really need it, then this article is for you. What many people fail to realize on time is the fact that it is actually more expensive when you don’t purchase home insurance. Sometimes this is negotiable, especially if you happen to be living on a tight budget and you may not afford enough cash to pay for the insurance. If you think you are saving yourself some cash, guess again.

The truth of the matter is that you can end up paying more than you ever imagined when you don’t have any home insurance cover.

Here are top three reasons why not purchasing a home insurance may break the bank:

1.   Catastrophes Strike- Hard!

Replacing all of your clothes, furniture, appliances and other valuables in your home in case of a catastrophe strike is almost impossible.

Even people who might afford to cover the losses on their own still get home insurance for catastrophic losses anyway. What a smart and practical way to go about this.

If you are insured you can save a lot of money. A scenario where your house gets on fire and all your belongings are consumed in the ravaging fire can really break you down financially. Getting back on your feet; especially for an average earner, can be an uphill trudge. With an insurance cover, such situations are not for you to worry about.

2.   Future Insurability

Purchasing home insurance on and off- sometimes skipping on it for a long time is only accumulating bad news for you. Such actions can be regarded as malicious by the insurance company. For this reason, most insurance companies often ask their clients for how long they have been loyal to their insurance cover upon applying. In such a situation, you will be insinuating that you are just using the company or you are simply intending to apply to file a claim in the days to come. They can get skeptical towards you.

You are not saving money when you keep skipping your insurance payments over a long period of time. On the contrary, you could lose even more money in the process.

3.   Liability Claims

In most cases, it is not just your home that you should be worried about; in as much as you can gamble on not suffering a catastrophe; you cannot do the same on liability claims. How would you tell whether you won’t get sued or get involved in a certain claim? With no proper protection and insurance, you may end up losing all your assets to a third party if the judgment falls against you. Lawsuits can really be expensive. It can suck your pockets dry and see your assets frozen.

Luckily, there is liability insurance which can be your best legal and financial defense. With this insurance policy, you get to save a lot on attorney’s fees and other miscellaneous expenses in the process- right from litigation to final judgment. For this reason it is best to purchase liability coverage as part of your home insurance. In the long run, it will be worth it!

Final Verdict:

Not purchasing home insurance is a huge gamble. One simple question to ask is this: ‘Is insurance cost more expensive than self- cover of all the expenses when problems arise?’ Make the right call today.


How do you shop for your home insurance?

We live in a digital age, an era where companies are influenced by certain external factors that impact a lot on their profit margins.Take for instance home insurance companies in the UK and what benefits they can provide for you​ .

There are three categories of home insurance ; buildings contents and combined policies . Building insurance is suitable for homeowners to insure your bricks and mortar against damages arising from fire, flood and subsidence. Content insurance protects your belonging in case they are damaged by theft, fire , flooding or earthquake.Combined policies are only suitable if you own home because it insures property against damage and covers also the house belongings.

Now , how do you usually make those tough decisions on what home insurance company to
take a policy with? You could have been referred by a relative, a colleague or friend who has received good deals in terms of premium where they saved.Maybe you just bumped into an agent.Despite all that we only care about being compensated in terms of money when you have damages arising from exposure to risks.

Have you ever cared about what people say about you? If you , has it ever influenced how you relate and make certain choices? Most people do. Home insurance companies also care so much as well about what their clients say about them.What they will not tell you is they will always try and suppress negative reviews that will give them bad publicity and lose clients. Technology is on your side on this one.We have entrepreneurs who have co founded startups
that can help you share your feedback and also make price comparisons.

A few of those companies include Limited​ , ​ Limited , Which Limited​ and ​ Limited . ​ It’s important to note that these companies
ranking is based on the quality of cover and independent reviews that take into account factors such as customer satisfaction and complaints handling.You can judge a policy by the following factors; The amount it pays out for the core features of building and contents cover, how quickly
home insurance companies pay out ,how easy the claims process is and how much cover you
are getting for valuables and accidental damage

Bought By Many Limited​ is a company registered in England and Wales and is authorized
and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Limited​ is registered in England and Wales and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for insurance mediation activity . 25 percent of home insurance customers who provided their buildings and contents insurance renewal price saved up to £124.92 with (1st July – 30th September 2016) while 9 percent of customers who left a home insurance review recommends . In August 2016, an average rating 4.7 out of 5 for home insurance, from 478 reviews were left by customers.

Which Limited​ is registered in England and Wales as an Introducer Appointed Representative of Which Financial Services Limited also in in England and Wales . Which Financial Services Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority . ​ is a trading name of Limited and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

So whether you are a homeowner , you rent a house or you are a landlord, home insurance can be a complex subject and you can save time , money and effort by using these websites to make the best estimates of house value , rebuild costs or the required level of content cover.…

How we helped 20 houses sell in fast with our cleaning service.

How we helped 20 houses sell in fast with our cleaning service.

Getting a property ready to sell can be a real challenge but imagine getting 20 houses ready to sell in 7 days!

We’ll that’s what we did when a national property trading company called Property Cash Buyers contacted us with an urgent request to prepare 20 houses they had recently purchased around Milton Keynes for resale.

The company works buy advertising we buy any house in the UK and basically can purchase houses within 7 days for up to 100% market value. With the run up the Christmas you can imagine how busy they get.

But the company must resale the properties as soon as possible after purchasing which meant they needed a national cleaning company like ours to prepare the homes for sale.

With 6 of our super cleaners we headed down to Milton Keynes to take on the job, having worked with the property company before we knew how important deadlines were.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of some of the property sellers the condition can be fairly poor which means our job includes not just cleaning but removing all the rubbish and furniture before we even start.

The main things we did to get the properties ready for the fast sale were:

  1. Decide on what furniture in the property would be removed and arrange removal.
  2. Bag up all the rubbish in the houses and sort the recycling with the local council
  3. Start with a deep clear where we jet wash all external areas and internal tiled areas.
  4. Touch up any marked paint work or small dents to kitchen unites.
  5. Use a number of products to clean bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and livings rooms.
  6. Deep clean the carpets throughout the property with a steam carpet cleaner hired in the local hire store.
  7. Have our local supervisor visit the property and sign off on all the work the cleaners did to the houses to help get it read for sale.
  8. Meet with the representative from the property buying company so they can inspect the work.
  9. Meet with the local estate agent so they could take photos of the property and put the houses and flats on the market ready for a quick sale.
  10. Post the keys back to the property company.

Here are a couple of pictures of the work we carried out on the properties. As you can see the before and after shots of the houses and apartments are great….. and sparkling 🙂

If you are looking for a national cleaner who can travel the whole UK to help you sell your house quickly then why not get in touch with us via phone, facebook, twitter & email – we would love to hear from you.

What is your number one question for our super cleaners when getting your house ready for sale? Post on here or on our Facebook page for you chance to win a free deep clean by our company (worth £450)!

You can also learn more about Property Cash Buyers by visiting their website at where they promise to buy any houses fast!…

Why do you need home insurance?

Do you want to protect your home? Well, then nothing can be the best option other than taking a house insurance. Though risk exposure cannot be prevented, but the damages arising from those risks can be surely compensated in terms of money.

On the basis of damage intensity and amount, you will get necessary compensations with which you can conduct requisite repairing and restoration services.

If you think that damages from only accidents are covered by this insurance, then you are wrong as damages from natural sources, especially climatic influences can also get compensated by the same. You can hire any insurance agent for receiving potential suggestions. The current plans need to be checked out for getting the right one.

What are the benefits of house insurance?

  • If you are intending to remodel your house by conducting proper repairs, then insurance is the best option that can cater the necessary funds for that. Therefore, now you need not require waiting for house loans for dealing with both repairing and renovation services.
  • Now, the replacement procedure can be completely eliminated with house insurance and this is one of the greatest benefits. Replacement costs are quite higher and thus cannot be barred easily.
  • The maintenance cost of your house will get reduced. You can now peacefully plan your house maintenance without worrying about your budget or financial limit. House maintenance sometimes involves greater costs, but these costs can be catered by the insurance. You have to show the insurer that your house is truly in requirement of maintenance and repairing tasks and then only you will get the compensation.
  • House insurance can enhance house value and this is why most of the house owners choose the same. If you are trying to sell your house after few years of usage, then you can get a higher selling price as a result of which you can make greater profits.
  • If you are in need of any house loan, then you can take the same by mortgaging your existing house. If the existing house has got any insurance coverage, then your loan might get easily approved with lower interest-rate. Read more at


How to improve the look of your home?

If you love your home, then you should show your interests towards knowing the best ways that can help in enhancing and improving the value of the same. A house needs to be maintained in tip-top condition so that the re-sale value can be increased to a great extent. Housing beatification is not enough in this respect rather productivity of the house should also be maintained simultaneously.

Best tips for improving housing value

  • Timely renovation should be essentially conducted for boosting up the aesthetic appeal of your house. In this case, old shell of your house is replaced by a new one and this transformation can bring greater productivity and enhanced beautification. This can replace the need of purchasing a new house. You have to spot the areas where improvements are required and then only the renovation process can be successfully completed. Remodeling can make your house personalized and personalization features re added in accordance of the current trend. Only interior remodeling is not enough rather the renovation of the exterior part is also included.
  • If your house has become old and retarded, then you should implement different effective repairing services. Necessary repairs are to be chosen for kicking out the damages or errors. Right tools should be chosen for repairing perfectly. Detailed inspection is needed for finding out the defects first and the only repairing services can be decided. Some of the most important segments that need to be focused in this respect are electrical and plumbing system roofing system and others. Read more at

  • Painting can be done for creating a specialized protective shield for your house. Your house can now be protected from different kinds of climatic extremities and damages by creating paint coats. This is a great decision and quite cost-effective indeed. There are many defects that can also be efficiently hidden under thicker paint coats. On the other hand, beautification aspect can be boosted up for enhancing the house value. Premium cost of your house can be reduced by adopting this particular option. Painting task can be conducted either in a DIY or professional manner.

The above methods of home improvement are the most prominent options these days. You can choose the budgeted option that can make your purpose satisfied. If you dream of decorating your dream house, then these methods can definitely help you out. Proper planning is needed in all these cases.

What are the leading home cleaning techniques?

It is your duty to keep your home clean and tidy. In this regard, house cleaning is a great necessity and it should be essentially maintained without any fail. Cleaning house is not an occasional affair rather it should be continued on a regular basis.

Dirty houses often make the dwellers severely ill and this is one of the leading reasons that house cleaning is very much essential. If you love your family members, especially your kids and pets, then you should definitely focus on the concerned matter.

Best methods for keeping your House Clean

Use Vaccum Cleaners

Using vacuum cleaners can be treated as one of the most useful methods for cleaning dirty houses.These cleaners can extract the wastes, especially dirt, dust and others easily as a result of which acute cleanliness can be maintained along with high-level hygiene. 

Planning Clean task

Correct attachments and settings are to be chosen for making the clean task perfect and flawless. The whole house can be quickly and easily cleaned without wasting time and energy. You can handle these cleaners in a hassle-free manner as they are quite compact in size.

Sweeping and mopping

Sweeping and mopping are the two best cleaning services, but these services need to be conducted manually without involving any mechanical force. If you do not have enough time in performing the same, then you can either appoint any private maid for doing the same perfectly and safely.

Home Renovations
These services might not cover all the locations or corners of your house rather only highly exposed parts are to be cleaned.
Prominent Tools
Brooms and mops are the most prominent tools that can be used for satisfying these cleaning services well.
Appoint Proffesional
If you have got a large house including lawn at the extension, then it will be quite wise to appoint any professional cleaner.
Select Packages
Professional cleaners are mainly being hired on a package basis. You can either choose monthly packages or else you can select annual packages.
Being cleaned
Not only the dusts but the infectious elements are also being cleaned with the professional cleaning methods.
Cleaning Techniques
They use only improved cleaning techniques as a result of which the house can be maintained in an absolutely dust-free and germ-free condition.


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You can go through the above cleaning methods of home thoroughly in order to choose the most convenient one. You can consider your affordability and requirement for making the election faster and easier. If you follow home-improvement programs, then you will come to know about more advanced procedures. Read more at