Getting a property ready to sell can be a real challenge but imagine getting 20 houses ready to sell in 7 days!

We’ll that’s what we did when a national property trading company called Property Cash Buyers contacted us with an urgent request to prepare 20 houses they had recently purchased around Milton Keynes for resale.

The company works buy advertising we buy any house in the UK and basically can purchase houses within 7 days for up to 100% market value. With the run up the Christmas you can imagine how busy they get.

But the company must resale the properties as soon as possible after purchasing which meant they needed a national cleaning company like ours to prepare the homes for sale.

With 6 of our super cleaners we headed down to Milton Keynes to take on the job, having worked with the property company before we knew how important deadlines were.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of some of the property sellers the condition can be fairly poor which means our job includes not just cleaning but removing all the rubbish and furniture before we even start.

The main things we did to get the properties ready for the fast sale were:

  1. Decide on what furniture in the property would be removed and arrange removal.
  2. Bag up all the rubbish in the houses and sort the recycling with the local council
  3. Start with a deep clear where we jet wash all external areas and internal tiled areas.
  4. Touch up any marked paint work or small dents to kitchen unites.
  5. Use a number of products to clean bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and livings rooms.
  6. Deep clean the carpets throughout the property with a steam carpet cleaner hired in the local hire store.
  7. Have our local supervisor visit the property and sign off on all the work the cleaners did to the houses to help get it read for sale.
  8. Meet with the representative from the property buying company so they can inspect the work.
  9. Meet with the local estate agent so they could take photos of the property and put the houses and flats on the market ready for a quick sale.
  10. Post the keys back to the property company.

Here are a couple of pictures of the work we carried out on the properties. As you can see the before and after shots of the houses and apartments are great….. and sparkling 🙂

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You can also learn more about Property Cash Buyers by visiting their website at where they promise to buy any houses fast!