Home insurance is never a waste of money. If you are wondering about its value and whether you really need it, then this article is for you. What many people fail to realize on time is the fact that it is actually more expensive when you don’t purchase home insurance. Sometimes this is negotiable, especially if you happen to be living on a tight budget and you may not afford enough cash to pay for the insurance. If you think you are saving yourself some cash, guess again.

The truth of the matter is that you can end up paying more than you ever imagined when you don’t have any home insurance cover.

Here are top three reasons why not purchasing a home insurance may break the bank:

1.   Catastrophes Strike- Hard!

Replacing all of your clothes, furniture, appliances and other valuables in your home in case of a catastrophe strike is almost impossible.

Even people who might afford to cover the losses on their own still get home insurance for catastrophic losses anyway. What a smart and practical way to go about this.

If you are insured you can save a lot of money. A scenario where your house gets on fire and all your belongings are consumed in the ravaging fire can really break you down financially. Getting back on your feet; especially for an average earner, can be an uphill trudge. With an insurance cover, such situations are not for you to worry about.

2.   Future Insurability

Purchasing home insurance on and off- sometimes skipping on it for a long time is only accumulating bad news for you. Such actions can be regarded as malicious by the insurance company. For this reason, most insurance companies often ask their clients for how long they have been loyal to their insurance cover upon applying. In such a situation, you will be insinuating that you are just using the company or you are simply intending to apply to file a claim in the days to come. They can get skeptical towards you.

You are not saving money when you keep skipping your insurance payments over a long period of time. On the contrary, you could lose even more money in the process.

3.   Liability Claims

In most cases, it is not just your home that you should be worried about; in as much as you can gamble on not suffering a catastrophe; you cannot do the same on liability claims. How would you tell whether you won’t get sued or get involved in a certain claim? With no proper protection and insurance, you may end up losing all your assets to a third party if the judgment falls against you. Lawsuits can really be expensive. It can suck your pockets dry and see your assets frozen.

Luckily, there is liability insurance which can be your best legal and financial defense. With this insurance policy, you get to save a lot on attorney’s fees and other miscellaneous expenses in the process- right from litigation to final judgment. For this reason it is best to purchase liability coverage as part of your home insurance. In the long run, it will be worth it!

Final Verdict:

Not purchasing home insurance is a huge gamble. One simple question to ask is this: ‘Is insurance cost more expensive than self- cover of all the expenses when problems arise?’ Make the right call today.